Season of Changes

Summer will be officially over soon.  The school routine is back and I'm starting to think about the future. There are a lot of changes coming soon.  It is appropriate that it will soon be autumn, the season the most dramatic changes.  We've taken Blake on a few college visits.  Now we need to get working on his applications.  Kristin has several dental school interviews lined up.  Trisha has started her clinicals.  Ed has done some goose hunting and will be off to Chattanooga for another Ironman triathlon.  I'm working on several projects and trying not to focus too hard on how many days I have left to work.  (Eight weeks from this past Friday for those who are counting.)

Trisha's lab coat has been tailored.  I shortened the sleeves and the hem as much as possible.  I think it turned out well.

The other morning when I was leaving for work I noticed this beautiful cloud.  It made me think of wool roving.  I had to fight the urge to call off for the day and pull out my spinning wheel.

I finished the Java socks.  These are getting tucked away now to give to Trisha for Christmas.

My "take-along" project is now a pair of socks for Ed.  I'm trying the afterthought heel technique.  We'll see how they turn out.  I hope to gift these for our anniversary in a couple weeks.

I also would love to have the Custom Fit sweater done by mid-October.  A couple of my sisters and I are planning on going to Rhinebeck.  I would love to have this sweater to wear there.  At the rate I knit, though, I doubt I'll have it finished.