Autumn Projects

 This time of year always inspires me to make things.  Last weekend I made a batch of apple butter.

Six pounds of apples cooking away in apple cider.

Then run through the food mill after the apples are soft.

Back in the pot to reduce after adding sugar and spices.

Finally, canning in half-pint jars.  All I can say is "Yum!!"

Apples aren't the only autumn favorite.  There is also pumpkin.  This morning Blake and I made pumpkin pancakes.  We drizzled a little glaze on them.   The recipe made enough for us to have through the week for breakfast.

I finished Ed's socks and gave them to him for our anniversary.  After I finished them, Blake tried them on for size.  Other than the pointy toe, he loved them and asked for a pair.  I'll have to try to get them done for Christmas for him.

The Custom Fit cardi is moving along.  The back and right front are done.  The left front is nearly finished.  To make sure I do the sleeves the same I am going to knit them at the same time.  I had hoped to get this finished by my trip to Rhinebeck, but it won't happen.  I'll just have to go to Rhinebeck next year.

As you may have noticed, I have trouble being project-monogamous. Yesterday I cast on for the Wandering Moon Knit-Along by Michelle Hunter (aka Knit Purl Hunter).  I love the yarn.  HiKoo is so soft!  This looks to be a fun project. Stay tuned for updates.