Busy and Exhausted

Life has been a little bit crazy lately.  I started my new job and Ed had shoulder replacement surgery.  I'm exhausted!

Ed has had trouble with his left shoulder for well over a decade.  Because of his heavy weightlifting he developed arthritis.  It became very painful to move his arm with any sort of shoulder flexion.  On Wednesday he had a total shoulder resurfacing performed.  It is a more durable version of a shoulder replacement that will allow him to continue to weight lift after his recovery period.   I am spending most of my time at home helping him manage the pain, perform light range of motion exercises, icing the shoulder, frequently adjusting the compression hose he is required to wear and helping him dress and bathe.  I am reminded of how involved it was to care for an infant.  Now don't get me wrong.  He isn't a bad patient.  He actually has been doing quite well and is trying to wean off the pain medication.

I finally started my job.  It was delayed another week.  Of course my first week back at work coincided with the week of Ed's surgery.  It actually has worked out alright.  The agency where I'm working needs to greatly improve their staff on-boarding process.  I spent the majority of the week without anything to do.  Taking time off for Ed's surgery this past week was probably best as opposed to later when I'll be busy with project work.  The people at the agency are very nice and I think I will have a lot of interesting work to do.  The hiring manager has commented several times that they have enough work to keep me busy for a long time.  I hope that it works out for me.  I really would like to stay in one place for a while and not return to the job-search stress.

Working downtown is proving interesting.  Parking is at a premium.  I found a couple lots that are about 8-10 blocks away from the office.  I don't mind the walk.  It is getting me lots of steps logged on my FitBit.  I may change my mind when it is pouring down rain or bitterly cold, but those days will not be the majority.

Now that I am back to work I need to get a home routine established.  This week wasn't a good week for that since I am caring for Ed.   My first goal for establishing a schedule is meal planning.  I want to pack my lunch on most days and have ingredients ready for dinner.  Next, in a few weeks, I'll get a cleaning schedule set.  I'm going to try to designate one task per evening.  That way I won't be overwhelmed on the weekend.

After I found out that my job was delayed again, I decided to cast on another project.  This time it is a pair of basic socks.

I'm using a skein of Miss Babs Tarte that I had in my stash.  I bought the yarn a couple years ago when I went to Stitches South.  The name on the skein made me giggle:  Bat****Crazy.  I'm loving the colors.  I finished the first sock last weekend while visiting Mom.  The second sock was cast on while in the surgery waiting room at the hospital.  I've been too tired this week to do any more on it.  I hope to get back to it tonight as I plan a night in front of the TV.  Episode 3 of Outlander Season 2 is tonight.