Adapting to My New Normal

Week 2 of my new job was more interesting than the first.  I now have the equipment and most of the system access I need.  I'm getting into the details of the project and slowly learning about the agency's systems.  I told my husband the other night that for the first time in 6-8 years I was actually excited about going to work.  He was happy to hear that since it means I won't want to quit soon.

Packing lunch is a bit of an issue.  I packed 2 days this week.  On the other days I bought a made-to-order salad at a deli near my office building.  There are many not-so-healthy lunch options nearby.  It is very tempting to try a new place, but I'll save that for when I'm meeting my friend who works a few blocks away.  The salad from the deli was delicious, so that will be my go-to place when I can't manage packing.

One of the benefits of working downtown is the walking I'm doing.  I've worn a FitBit for several years now.  I've noticed that my daily steps are increased.  I want to bump the count up a little bit, but that will take some effort over the next month or so.

Ed continues to recuperate from his surgery.  He is gaining a little more range of motion and the swelling is gone.  He managed to go to work 4 days this week.   The big event of the week was that we took the bandage off on Wednesday.  Trisha came home to help me and to inspect the incision.  The adhesive on the bandage was very strong and it took some effort to get it off.  Unfortunately it was quite a painful process for Ed.   Once it was off and Trisha made sure there wasn't any sign of infection or oozing, Ed took his first shower in over a week.  The effort to remove the bandage and shower exhausted him. He had to rest for an hour or so before going into work that morning.  The next big event will be his post-op visit with the surgeon next Thursday.  He should have the staples removed and begin physical therapy.

The school years are winding down for my children. There are lots of activities coming up.  Blake has prom tonight. Kristin and Trisha are done with classes and have finals next week.  Kristin graduates from college on May 8 and then heads out for a couple trips before starting dental school. Blake has four more weeks of class.  Blake has his high school graduation on June 2.  We are planning a party for him after that.

All the activity has seriously decreased my knitting time. The Bat****crazy socks are creeping along. They have only grown by an inch or so this week. I'm not comfortable with knitting at work so this will remain a home project. It will just have to be satisfied being my TV knitting.