Got My Goetta

The batch of goetta was a success.  Blake came home for the weekend and has been eating it every morning for breakfast.  Trisha is eating hers after she exercises for a blast of protein.  Kristin is very disappointed that she can't have any yet.  There is a chance some of her friends will be going to visit her next week.  If so, I'll send some up to her along with some other things around the house that she needs.

Several months ago I signed up for Knit Purl Hunter's sock knit along.  I bought this lovely skein of Stone Washed Zauberball.  As you can see I haven't cast on yet.  To be honest, I totally forgot about the event until I a mention of it in a newsletter from my LYS.  I'll have to put this on the "On Deck Circle" until I finish the socks I have in progress.

The Bat****Crazy socks have arisen from hibernation.  Once these are done, I will cast on the Zauberball.

I want to make mention that I am using Knitter's Pride Cubics for these socks.  I wasn't sure I would like the square cross section, but I have to admit I love them.  It might be my imagination but I think they grab the yarn a wee bit better than round needles.  I haven't had an issue of the needles sliding out of the stitches when the project is set aside.

I bought myself a couple new books.  I love Amy Herzog so I had to get her latest book.  I'll admit the second book was added to get the free shipping from Amazon (I know, don't tell me how spending $20 more to save $8 isn't really a savings!) but I'm glad I got it.  It has some really cute projects that look quick to knit up.  There is a pair of mittens that I think are going to be part of Kristin's Christmas presents 

Speaking of Christmas presents, I've started on one.  This is the Fall Run cowl from Destination Yarn.  This isn't the advertised colorway.  I'm making it in Sea and Shark Infested Waters.  I bought the yarn and pattern back in the summer when Jeanne was doing a trunk show at a LYS.

I have a few more projects I want to cast on, but I'll have to practise some restraint.  Patience.