Found a New Love

Tunisian crochet has captured my heart.  The cowl I made for the class I took at my LYS was fun to make.  I got to try out a few of the Tunisian stitches.  The variegated yarn worked out nicely.  All that is left to do is block it and sew on the buttons.

I fell in love so hard with Tunisian crochet that I bought a book to explore further.  There are several projects in here that I want to make.  I recommend the book because it give clear, illustrated instructions on how to perform each stitch.

I am making progress on my Stranded Cowl.  The tension in the color block rows might have been a tad too tight.  It seems to be puckering a bit.  Hopefully a bit of blocking will take that out.  I have to say I really love how the colors are working together.  The gold and dark green is vibrant.

I still have a few more sections to go on this cowl.  The class covers each section at a time.  Since it is a cold, blustery day, I'm going to reheat my tea and settle myself on the couch and get back to class.