First Snowfall for the Season

The first snowfall of the season arrived overnight.  There isn't a lot of accumulation.  It is enough, though, to make it feel a bit like Christmas.

Feeling the Christmas spirit has been a bit tough for me this year.  I've always heard that after losing someone you love, the first year is always the hardest.  It is very true.  I am missing my mom terribly and can't get motivated to prepare for Christmas.  I know I have to get moving because Christmas is two weeks from today.  Fortunately my children are old enough to help with decorations and baking.

I am trying to knit something for each of them for Christmas.  I may end up wrapping the yarn with an IOU for their hats.  This is the start of a hat for Trisha.  Thinking about it now, I should have started with Kristin's, then did Blake's and finished with Trisha's.  Kristin will be leaving first after Christmas followed by Blake.  

Now that I got a few other projects done, I can focus on these hats.

Here are the (almost) finished projects.  All that is left is a bit of sewing and blocking.

This cowl was the class project for the Craftsy stranded knitting class I took.  I really love the way it turned out.  I used Jeny's super stretchy bind off for the top.  It looks a bit puckered but hopefully will block out nicely.  It will take a soak later today after I weave in the ends of yarn on the inside.  This may become a Christmas gift for a friend.  I'm still trying to decide between this and the next project.

The Tunisian cowl is still waiting to have the buttons sewn on, ends woven in and to be blocked.  This is the other candidate for my friend's Christmas gift.

I also finished the Fall Run cowl.  It has a few ends to weave in and also needs to take a soak.  This will go to my niece/Goddaughter.  Since the variegated colorway is called Shark Infested Waters, and my niece loves Shark Week, I thought it would be an appropriate gift for her.

Now I'm off to get my day started.  Enjoy your day!