Patient Update

The patient is improving.  New leaves are growing on both stems.  It is safe to assume that both have rooted and happy in their new environment.

They have been basking in what little sun we've had lately.  April has been truly living up to its reputation as a rainy month.

Taxes also go hand-in-hand with April.  Since this was my first year filing as self-employed, we had an accountant prepare things this year.  She sent back a large packet of papers to review, sign and return.  I spent an evening at my new desk looking over the paperwork and writing some very painful checks.  To be honest, I could have avoided some of the pain if I hadn't been forgetful.  I missed one of my estimated payments to the IRS.  That won't happen again.  Reminders have been put in my calendar.

What little time I have had for crafts lately have been spent on quilting.  Last Saturday I spent the day at an event to sew quilt tops for the James Stitching Sisters.  The Stitching Sisters are a non-profit group that provides quilts to women going through chemotherapy at the OSU James Cancer Hospital.  Throughout the year, quilt packets are prepared which include instructions and all the fabric needed to make a top and back for a quilt.  Once a year they hold a day long sew in.  This year over 200 people gathered to spend the day sewing quilt tops.  Other volunteers take the tops to quilt and bind.  I completed one top at the event and took home 4 packets to do on my own time.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the top I made.

I do have a picture, though, of another quilt I finished.  This one is for my own quilt group.  We call ourselves the Meandering Quilters.  We donate our quilts to Children's Hospital, the local homeless shelter and Wounded Warriors.

The fabric in the blocks came from Japan.  My brother-in-law gave me the fabric while he was cleaning out his house about the time he and my sister were married.  He had been in the Marines.  The fabric had been purchased by his first wife during one of his deployments in Japan.  Since this has a Marine connection, I am going to specify that this quilt go to Wounded Warriors.  Hopefully a veteran that either served in Japan or has a personal connection with Japan can enjoy it.