April Showers

Yesterday was a cold and dreary day.  Typical weather one would expect for April.  I spent most of the afternoon snuggled on the couch watching a few episodes of a mystery series my friend told me about.  The series is called Miss Fisher's Mysteries.  It is an Australian production set in the 1920s.  If you liked Downton Abby this might appeal to you.

I had Drachenfels with me and managed to get a few more rows done.  I am finished with the grey yarn (color A) and am now alternating the green (color C) and magenta (color B)  The rows are still growing longer with each garter ridge, so progress has slowed considerably.

My daughter's variegated jade plant continues to improve.  It loves soaking up the sunshine.  If/when I give it back to my daughter, she will have to promise to keep it in the sun.