Need Yarn Anonymous

Hello, my name is Kathy and I have a yarn problem.  

It is all so pretty and hard to resist.  In any form.  My sister taught me how to spin. Of course, I then bought a wheel and several drop spindles and more fiber than I have time to work with.

Yesterday I learned how to dye.  I see another fiber related hobby in my future.  Not good for the bank account.

My friend Cindy and I took a dyeing workshop from Jeanne of Destination Yarn fame.  The workshop was hosted by YarnByrds at The Nest.  It was a very fun and interesting class.  In the morning we learned how to do hand painted yarns.  Below is a picture of the morning's output.

In the afternoon we learned how to kettle dye and speckle yarn.  At the end of the day we all went home with 4 skeins of beautiful fingering weight yarn.

The only downside of the whole process was when we had to handle the dye powders.  Masks were required.  It was a hot, humid day and even the air conditioning couldn't make wearing these masks comfortable.  Don't I look lovely!

At lunch time Cindy and I browsed the Destination Yarn trunk show.  I bought these cute project bags.  Because of my fiber issues, I need to take the one on the left to heart.

And some Game of Thrones yarn.  My son loves the show.  This skein will become a hat for him.

Not sure about these mini skeins yet.  Maybe socks.

Here are the skeins from the workshop.  This first one is a hand painted made primarily blue-green with yellow-orange and purple-red as accent colors.  This was dyed without adding something to tone down the color.  It is very vibrant.  I think this one will be called Jamaica.

The next skein is another hand painted.  The main color is green with accents of blue-green, yellow-orange and a blend of pink-yellow.  This one is named Parrothead.

The kettle dyed skein has seven colors:  yellow-green, green-yellow-brown, green-brown, grey, blue, blue-grey and blue-black.  This one is named Irish Coast.

The last one is also a kettle dyed but with speckles.  The base color is grey.  Fire Yellow and purple speckles were added to create the speckled effect.  I have to admit that I didn't really love this when it came out of the dye bath.  I thought the colors looked muddy, with too much blending of the yellow and purple.  But now that is is drying and I look at it more, I'm learning to love it.  It seems to have a hidden potential.  This one is named Ugly Duckling.