When Isn't It a Busy Week

I was going to name this post "Busy Week", but then it occurred to me that this week was like every other, crammed full of things to do and never enough time for knitting.  This wasn't a bad week, though.  The weekend started with Special Olympics.

On the last weekend of each June, the State of Ohio Special Olympics Summer Games are held in Columbus.  My brother, Joe, comes up every year to compete in the bowling tournament.  I try to get over to the Opening Ceremony on Friday evening to see him and then go to watch him bowl on either Saturday or Sunday, whichever day his event is scheduled.  This year the Opening Ceremony was cancelled on Friday due to inclement weather.   Sunday morning was the men's bowling tournament.  Joe enjoyed the tournament like he always does, but his game was a little off this year.  He got a 4th place ribbon.  I'm still very proud of him and, even with an off day, he could out-bowl me.

When I got home I joined Ed in the basement to start laying the flooring.  The first few rows were difficult since it is a floating floor.  The board weren't anchored and moved as we tried to connect them.  Once we got a couple rows in things moved along quickly until we hit obstacles like the post in this picture.  I taught Ed how to use one of my quilting squares to help measure for cuts.  This was our progress at the end of Monday.

Tuesday evening was more of the same.  Wednesday I put my craft stuff back in place.  I'm trying to sort through things a little as I do it.  Ed worked more by himself on Thursday because I had plans to go out.  We are now over half complete.  The hard part now is moving the stuff around to clear the floor.

This was the last week of my annual contract with the State of Ohio.  I'm getting a renewal but the paperwork will take a few weeks to complete.  The department has asked me to work At Risk while things move through the bureaucratic channels.  It occurred to me that I've been working in the tallest building in Columbus for over a year and had never gone up to the observation area on the top floor.  This is the view looking west.  Not bad!

In my last post I showed three skeins of La Jolla I am going to use to make Paris By Day.  While I was posting about them, I starting having doubts about the solid beige skein.  Last Friday on my way home from work I decided to stop by the LYS and see if they still had a skein of the colorway Tuxedo.  If they didn't have any left, I knew a place online where I could order it.  As luck would have it I was able to snatch the last skein.  It makes me so much happier than the beige.  

Don't get me wrong, the beige is a lovely skein of yarn.  It just wasn't right for that pattern.  I'll think of something to do with it that will make it shine.

As mentioned earlier, I had plans to go out last night.  It was my monthly euchre club night.  Since we are so close to the 4th of July, I decided to make a patriotic pie.  I got inspiration from this recipe, using blueberries and black raspberries for the star section and strawberries and red raspberries for the striped section.  I had to switch things up a little.  I didn't have enough corn starch so I used flour.  I was in a bit of a hurry, so I used store bought dough.  Instead of putting it in a pie pan, I used my tart pan.  In spite of the substitutions it turned out lovely and delicious.  I have one piece left.  Maybe I'll share it with Ed later.  

Or maybe not.