Nice vacation, but no knitting

We left for Florida on last Monday and drove as far as Valdosta, Ga. After spending the night in a hotel, we continued to Orlando on Tuesday. Part one of our plan was to hang out at the pool for a few days. We stayed in the Disney All Star Music resort. Since we've done all the Disney theme parks in the past and we knew the temperature in Florida during July would be a killer, we decided to only hang out and swim. Three days of playing in water and catching a few rays. No need to worry, though. We all used SPF 50 sunscreen.

On Friday, we migrated a bit further south to just north of Naples, FL. We stayed at a time-share condo for three nights. Part of the deal was that we had to listen to a sales pitch. The condo was very, very nice but also very, very expensive. We declined their pitch and fortunately the salesperson knew we couldn't be swayed so he didn't press us. The resort had several nice pools including a lazy river to float in. We spent most of our time there. Here's some photos. This first was a fountain at the front of the resort.

One of the pools

The weather was alright. It rained every day, but allowed us to still get enough swimming in. By Sunday afternoon, the kids were starting to get homesick so we decided to check out a day early. On our drive home we stopped in Tennessee. My sister and her family were back at their lake house. We spent Tuesday with them and managed to get some tubing in. They had a brand new intertube to try out, one that you sat on instead laying. The kids liked it because they didn't bounce as much. I had one calm ride with Dash and one of his cousins. Ed and I then took a turn by ourselves. Dan made the ride much more intense. Here's a couple pictures of how it ended for us. Warning, these aren't pretty photos. We were being whipped around a turn and we had to hang on.

In the end, Dan won. Ed and I lost with a couple hard landings on the water.