Valpuri Progress

Here is the latest progress on Valpuri. Going is slow, but I'm getting there. This piece measures 11 1/4" from the bottom. At 14" I will begin the armholes. Each repeat of the pattern is slightly less than 2 1/2". I figure when I'm finished with the next repeat, I'll be ready to start the armholes.

This pattern was written to work the front and back separately. I decided to work the body in the round because I absolutely hate seaming. Plus I can knit faster when I don't have to switch between knit and purl rows. I get a rhythm going in the round. Once I get to the armholes I'll separate the front and back. The sleeves are knit separately also and then seamed to the body. If I had taken the time to sit and think through the process, I probably could have figured out how to do this pattern in the round and top down. But, I wasn't feeling that creative.

I'm home from work today because of back spasms. Since I can't do any house work (Oh darn!! ;)] and have to sit, alternately applying hot and cold compresses, what better way to spend the day than knitting. My hope is to get to the armholes and then complete the back.

Spring continues to be extremely beautiful this year. Last year we had an early spring freeze that killed off most of the blooms and leaf buds. Although it has gotten quite cool some nights, we haven't had a deep freeze this year. Everything seems a to be compensating for last year. All, except my daffodils. Only about 10% of them bloomed this year. I'm not sure why, but I'll fertilize this year and hope for a better output next spring.

Here are some of the beautiful sites outside my door today.

A new maple tree growing in my flower bed. I'm going to transplant it to a pot. When it is big enough, it will be added to our yard somewhere.

The flowering crab apple by the front curb.

BIG difference from 7 weeks ago!

Here's a close-up of one of the branches. I think I'll make this the background on my computer.

Something decided to sleep on one of my day lilies. My guess it was a duck. Ed and I watched a pair of mallards stroll through the yard last Sunday.

And finally, not necessarily the most beautiful (note the crappy lawn), but one that makes me happy nonetheless. A 'For Sale' sign in the front yard of the house next door. I won't go into the many reasons I won't be sad to see these people move away. My only hope is that they move far enough away that their feral children will not be able to attend the same school as mine.


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