VBGirl was confirmed Friday night. My sister, Nancy, was her sponsor. It was a very nice ceremony. In this blurry picture, Bishop Campbell is annointing her with the chrism.

Here's VBGirl and Nancy after the ceremony. Notice the shiny forehead

VBGirl, Dancer, and Nancy's girls. Aren't they beautiful

I've finished the back of Valpuri. I need to count the number of rows because the neckshaping on the front is dependent on the row count rather than a measurement

Here's the front as it stands right now. I need to attach two separate skeins because the front opening starts with the next row. I'm thinking about making the sleeves a bit longer than called for in the pattern. We'll see. I might be anxious to get this project completed so I can move on to the next one. My neice and her husband found out they are having a boy, so I have to start working on something for the little guy.