Doesn't Feel Like June

It is a cold, rainy evening. THe sun has not been seen in days. If it wasn't for the end of school activities, I wouldn't know what time of year it is.

School is completely over for the kids. The girls finished up last Friday and Dash's last day was today. Today was the last day ever for the elementary school for all the kids. YEAH!!! It isn't a bad school. I just wasn't happy with the experience there. Some of the teachers were only marginal and the principal is too mean. Switching the kids out of private school into the local public school system has been the best thing we've done. The girls have loved every minute of the local school and the curriculum has been challenging enough to satisfy me.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I went to the Great Lakes Fiber Show in Wooster. I met an old friend whom I haven't seen in years. Cat and I met when I was 9 years old. She, my younger sister, and I became pen pals. We kept up with each other through school and college. She came to Ohio for my wedding in 1989 and Nancy's in 1992. Nancy and I went to Canada for her wedding in 1992. I think Nancy's wedding was the last time we saw each other. She and I last talked about 11 years ago. After that we lost touch for a while but reconnect thanks to the Internet. We have discovered we both love to knit. A couple months ago she asked if I was going to the festival. I hadn't considered it, but decided that it was a great idea. It was nice to have a day for myself. I have a picture from the festival, which I will post later when I can get Dancer's camera back. The festival was geared more towards spinning, but there were a lot of yarn vendors nonetheless. I think I might have caught a bug to try spinning though. I'm considering signing up for the Beginning Spinning class at Knitters Connection later this month.

Well, I'm off now to grab a cold drink and enjoy a quiet evening. Later!!