We Be (Strawberry) Jammin'

It's strawberry season around Ohio. Last Saturday I went to a local farm and picked 4 quarts. When I got home I tried my hand at making freezer jam. It was so easy!! The local grocery store had red raspberries for $1 per half-pint, so I bought a bunch and made a batch of raspberry freezer jam. Blake loves the jam. He' been making himself toast and jam for breakfast. This morning I made drop biscuits to have with my tea and jam. (Gee I feel a song from 'The Sound of Music' coming on!) Here's a photo. If I say so myself, this photo turned out to be a very pleasing still life. This is the strawberry jam.

Today's project it to put a UV film on my bedroom windows. My intention is to get enough practice before attempting to cover the big windows that are over the front door. I'm learning that it is at least a 2-person job. The film wants to curl back on itself. It is very sticky and if it does curl back, you are screwed.

Our house faces west-southwest. There are no trees out front to block the sun and with the two big windows in the entry hall, the house warms up too much in the summer. I'm hoping this helps to keep things cooler. The film advertises that it reduces 74% of the sun's rays. Let's hope it works.