Knitter's Connection

Last week I attended Knitter's Connection at the Columbus Convention Center. I took 3 classes: Plug and Play Shawl Design with Amy Singer, Advanced Sweater Shaping with Sally Melville, and Double Knitting 101 with Amy Detjen. All the classes were fantastic and meeting and chatting with these knitting greats was a thrill.

Here is my creation from the shawl class.

The premiss of the class was that you can take any sock yarn and work up a shawl in fairly short order since the gauge is larger than than lace-weight yarn. And, as Amy said, most of us have tons of sock yarn on hand these days anyway.

Sally Melville's class was a lecture on set-in sleeves and shirt tail hems. It was very interesting. She gave us the tips we need to tailor any sweater to our individual body. I'm anxious to give it a try.

The double knitting class was fun and gave me confidence with knitting two colors at one time. However, the technique of double knitting isn't something I think I'll use very often. The climate around here just isn't cold enough for that kind of covering. One possible other appication could be for a baby blanket. I'll have to file away the technique for the next baby announcement that comes my way.

Yesterday morning was spent cheering my oldest brother, Joe, on at the state Special Olympics. Joe is a very good bowler and competes most years in the tournament. His first game was fantastic, with a 164, but he fell off a bit in the second game. He finished with a silver medal. He's happy as long as he gets a medal. Here he is at after receiving his award.


Thea said…
I wanted to go and/or take a class, but it just didn't fit in my schedule this year. Hopefully next year.