Back to School

Tuesday marked the first day of school for the kids. All the kids woke up early, eager to get to school. Kristin even got up before me and hopped in the shower. She did it again on the second day, but by the third day she had to be dragged out of bed. I knew it wouldn't last, but I was hoping the morning battles wouldn't begin quite this soon. Trisha is always 'Up and At 'Em" for school. She loves school and is always eager to go. She is a little sad that most of her friends are in other classes, but I'm sure she'll make friends among her current classmates. Blake has switched over to the local public school, just as his sisters did after 5th grade. He was nervous at first, worrying that he wouldn't make any friends. After only a couple days, he has met several boys that he says are fun and share common interests. He is also shooting for all As this year. He wants to make this a good year all around.

The Fall sports season has begun. Kristin made the JV volleyball team. Their first official game was yesterday at Ed's alma mater. Kristin's team is half freshman and I was worried it was going to be a total blow-out, but the girls held their own. They lost the first match by about 7 points, won the second match by 3, and lost the 3rd match 26-24. It was very close and exciting. The girls did a great job! BTW, Kristin played libero for the first match. She's the one in the white jersey below.

Trisha is on her school's cross country team. There meets haven't yet begun. Unfortunately, I keep the scorebook for Kristin's team, so getting to Trisha's meets is going to be difficult. I'm hoping to train another parent on how to keep the books, so that I can go. I feel terrible about missing some of her meets.

Speaking of Trisha, she finished the top of her quilt. We need to buy some fabric for the back and then I can quilt it for her. She did a great job. It measures 48" by 72", a nice size for cuddling under on chilly nights.

I've been trying get my shawl finished that I started in Amy Singer's class. I did a little math and figured I can get about 135 rows out of the two skeins of yarn. I'm at about row 120. My goal is to get at least 2 rows a day finished.