How's this for motivation?

I admit it. I'm an ADD knitter. I have many projects on the needles and don't seem to finish many. As noted in my last post, I fell in love with a shawl I started while taking Amy Singer's class at Knitter's Connection. When I packed for our vacation at the beginning of July, I had all intentions of working on it at the condo. As is my nature, I overpacked and also stuck Decimal into my knitting bag. Well, Decimal won the battle for my attention. I worked on it through the month at my usual snail's pace. THEN earlier this week I received a message from Amy Singer herself asking for permission to use a photo of my shawl as an example in her class. She asked if I had any more recent photos, hopefully of it completed. Now I have to get it finished soon. Shamefully I had to admit I hadn't progressed much more. Here is how it stands tonight. It is a few repeats farther along than when I last posted.

July totally passed by without a post. Here's a photo summary of the month. It was a fun one!!!

At Hilton Head Island

Check out the hot body on the beach.

Sorry, he's mine!

Beach photo shoot

Ed successfully wake boarding at Lake Norris

Ed's luck running out

The kids always have fun with their cousins when we have our annual weekend at Lake Norris.