Somebody is learning to quilt

After spending Saturday night with her cousin, Trisha decided she wants to make a lap quilt for herself. Her cousin had one on her bed and Trisha decided she liked it. She has tried sewing before, but never took on a project quite like this. Sunday I let her get into my stash and she pulled out a bunch of fabric that she liked. I helped her come up with a simple patchwork design comprised of squares and rectangles. She cut the fabric herself and last night I showed her how to sew the seams. She plans on working on it a little each day. She also wants to make a back panel with a design, instead of the usual one-type of fabric back that most quilts have. I'm anxious to see how it all turns out.

Preparations for school are underway. We are pretty well set with school supplies. I'm almost done with the stack of forms that need completed each year. School clothes are getting purchased. I'm exhausted. Yep! Everything is right on schedule.

Kristin made the JV volleyball team. The coach will probably use her as libero. Only 4 other sophomores made the team. There were a lot of freshman that made the teams, 17 out of 30 in total.

Trisha tried out for volleyball but decided she's rather do cross country. The VB coach offered her a position to be on the team and practice with the other players, but she wouldn't get in any games. It didn't sound like a fun position to be in so she switched sports. She loves running also, so I'm sure she'll be happy.

Blake is getting a little nervous about his new school. He's worried that he won't make any friends, but his sisters have assured him that he will meet tons of people and will have a lot of friends. I'm hoping this is as good of year for him as it was for his sisters.