She's Hooked

Trisha is one of those kids that can entertain herself.  Once she gets focused on something, she's content to be off on her own.  When one of her ideas involves help from me, she is very insistent on having my attention immediately.

Last Sunday afternoon, Trisha showed me a sweater she pinned on Pinterest.  She said she wanted me to make her one like it.  The pinned sweater was a commercially produced one, so no pattern was available.  We surfed Ravelry and found a modified  version of this pattern that she liked.  Then she asked when can I start working on it.  She wasn't happy when I told her that it will have to wait until after Christmas.  I want to get my vest made by Christmas and I haven't even cast on yet.  She wasn't happy with the answer but accepted it.  She then asked if she could knit a scarf.  She had another pin from Pinterest that had intrigued her.  We went downstairs to the stash and pulled out some grey wool.  Back in the living room, I cast on for her and showed her how to knit and purl.  She took it from there.  Note the smile below.  The disappointment about not getting her sweater was forgotten.  I then left her alone to make dinner.

After dinner, she and I went back into the living room.  (I wasn't going to sit in the family with Ed and Blake while they watched a few horror movies.)  When I saw how much knitting Trisha had done, I was amazed.  She had knit almost the entire thing while I was making dinner.  She showed me how she had decided not to do the plain stockinette like the pinned scarf.  She created a sequence of purl and knit rows that would make the scarf reversible.  She finished off the scarf and told me that she wanted a little placket and button to go on it.  I don't have a substantial button stash, but she did find a big one she liked.  I helped sew the ends together and put on the button.  Before bedtime, she had a new scarf to add to her collection.

She wore the scarf to school on Monday.  She said five people asked for scarves just like it.  There might be a future fashion designer in my house.