Snow, Snow, and More Snow

A 3-5 inch snowfall prediction turned into a 5-8 inch prediction this morning.  After the snow started falling a couple hours earlier than expected, and heavier than expected, the prediction was changed to 8-12 inches total accumulation by tomorrow midday.  We currently have about 6 inches of wet, heavy snow.  And it is still coming down hard.  I bet we exceed the 12 inches.

Here's what it looked like around 5:00 pm after I got home from work.  

If you click the photo below and look at the front porch, you'll see the accumulation at that point.

I'll take more photos tomorrow for comparison.

After taking these pictures, I shoveled the driveway.  Since Kristin is driving now and we have a car for her to use, I had to shovel practically the entire pad.  My arms are aching now!  A nice glass of wine later should help.

Kristin is bummed that her school's Winter Formal is cancelled for tomorrow evening. 

I finished Blake's scarf just in time.  Here he is striking a pose.  I'll have to add a photo with his hat.  Next project is his gloves.

Time to sign off now and figure out dinner.  See you tomorrow!