Gotta Get My Monkey On

Since my last post 3 WEEKS AGO, I have finished the first Thank You Monkey sock and got to the gusset of sock #2.  I really, really, really want to get these done this weekend, but not sure how to do that.  You see, Ed is out of town until Tuesday evening, Kristin has a volleyball match today, I have a very dusty house that needs my attention, and I have to work all day tomorrow.   Maybe the dust can wait.  Heck, it's been here longer than the sock.  It can hang around a little longer.

My friend with leukemia is doing well.  He is still showing no sign of disease.  His strength is slowly returning.  The doctor has given him the OK to drive if he feels up to it.  That has been a HUGE relief for his wife.  Since she doesn't have to escort him to his daily outpatient treatments, she has 3-5 hours of each day back. 

On a sad note, one of my friends from work found out she has breast cancer.  Her lumpectomy is next week.  Another friend and I are going to make her a shawl to carry around with her.  Seeing how cold Dean always was in the hospital, I thought something like that would be useful for our friend.  Since the second friend and I share a cubicle, we are going to tag-team.  We'll leave the shawl on the counter between us and whenever we have a couple minutes for a break, we'll pick it up and work it.

As I mentioned above, Ed is away.  He and his brother are in Penticton, British Columbia for Ironman Canada.  The race it tomorrow.  Physically he is ready.  As usual, he is getting nervous and anxious for the race to start.  I worry most about the swim portion of the race.  Once I know he is safely out of the water, my anxiety level drops significantly.