Thank You Delynne!!!!

The Thank You Monkey Socks are done.   I didn't get them finished as quickly as I had hoped.  Too much interference from work.  But they are now done and on their way to Delynne.  I hope she enjoys them and knows how much I appreciate the sacrefices she made.  Even though Dean is her brother, her selflessness isn't diminished. 

The yarn was Footnotes from Fiber Optic.  It was fantastic to work with.  The color in the above photo is a little washed out.  The brown is a rich, woody brown.  This was my first pair of Monkey socks.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the pattern works up.  I think I'll make a couple more pairs of socks for my girls as Christmas presents.

I have another project in the works.  It is a tag-team effort with my friend Cindy.  She and I have another friend who just found out she has breast cancer.  Cindy and I are making a wrap for her.  It will lightweight so that it can be carried along to treatments.  This yarn is a laceweight merino/silk blend which should help take the chill off if needed.  Cindy found the pattern, but I can't remember the name.  It is a simple knit one, knit one below on an odd number of stitches.  When it is blocked it will have a matrix of hexagons throughout.  I have custody this weekend.  Cindy is travelling next week so she will get it to work on during her long flights to/from the west coast.