Long Overdue

To put it simply, I've been busy.  Work has been the biggest consumer of my time, and keeping up with the family is filling in the remaining hours that I'm awake.  The HUGE 2-year project that I've been working on is coming to its climax.  The official 'Go Live' weekend is this weekend.  To be honest, though, there are 3 'Go Live' weekends for my team.  Our first was two weekends ago.  That was absolutely grueling.  This weekend is #2 and then #3 comes on the weekend of October 23.  Having survived the first one, this one coming up doesn't really scare me.  The other teams will be the ones dealing with most of the anxiety and issues.  I'm concidering it more of a 'making an appearance' weekend.   For my team, the next big milestone will be the first time we process the company's timecards and then try to bill our customers.   Until then, I'm not going to be around much.

I also have a couple long overdue pictures to post.  This is the baby blanket I made earlier this year for a friend.   I gave it away without photoing it.  Colleen gave me these to share.  Enjoy!