Happiness and Joy

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love Saturday mornings?  The work week is over.  I get to catch up on some sleep.  The house is quiet as the kids sleep in late.  I get to cook something extra special for breakfast.  As I drink tea, I catch up with all of my knitting posts/blogs.  Because of the hectic work schedule I"ve had for the past few months, I haven't had a quiet Saturday morning in a while, so I am savoring this one.

To start off, I made this:  pumpkin bread.  It has been almost a year since I've tasted anything pumpkin.  Last year there was some sort of disease that ruined the entire pumpkin crop and the stores ceased to carry canned pumpkin.  About two weeks ago, I saw a few cans on the shelf at the grocery store.  I snagged them up like a person preparing for the end of civilization.  This morning, one of the cans became bread.  YUMMY!  There are two other loaves that are going into the freezer for later consumption.

Cindy and I are still working on the Tag Team Wrap.  It's one of those projects that you just keep plugging away at until you feel like saying 'Stop'.  I would estimate that we are just past the halfway point.  I have custody of the project this weekend.  I plan to work on it all afternoon during the Ohio State football game.  Here's where we are with it.

I know I suffer desparately from Startitis.  I did it again by getting yarn to make a Minimalist Cardigan.  My rationale was to have something to work on while Cindy has the Warp and while there is down time at work during the recent 'Go Live' weekends.  I really should have picked up one of the projects I already have on the needles.  Startitis is hard to resist.  The lure of new fiber.  The unknown of a new pattern.  It was too much for me to resist.  I'm a weak person. ( BTW, the spot in the center of the photo isn't really on the sweater.  There must be a spot on the camera lens.)

Tonight is the Homecoming Dance for the girls.  Kristin has a new boyfriend, who she will be going with.  Trisha is going with a very large group of friends.  Before the dance, I will be going with Kristin to her boyfriend's house to help serve dinner.  Alex's mom is making dinner for Kristin, Alex and some of their friends.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.