At Least the Kids are Having Fun

The tranquility I wrote about in the last post didn't last. This past week has been extremely stressful.  Just when I think things will settle down, something else seems to hit.

Work is still crazy.  I continue to work 7 days a week.  Not just short days either.  I'm usually at work from about 730 am until at least 6 pm through the week.  Yesterday was 8 am to 430 pm.  I know I'll have to work some today, but I'm hoping it will be from home.  It would be nice to see my family for more than just a few minutes in the morning and an hour or so in the evening.  Not sure how much longer I can keep up this schedule.  Home life is being impacted.  Thankfully my kids are old enough to manage most things on their own. 

Since this is Halloween weekend, the students' theme for the football game was to come in costume.  Here are the girls in their costumes:

We dug out these from the closet.  The girls don't remember being ladybugs years ago.  They were pretty darn cute back then like they are now. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't home when the girls got ready for the football game.  Of course, I was at work.  Here is a picture of them with friends before they headed out.

The football game was the last of the regular season.  The team won and is now heading off to the playoffs.  Kristin's boyfriend was the top scorer on the team with at least 2 touchdowns each game.  He's not very big, but he is fast and strong.  He can wrestle his way out of tackles to gain extra yardage.  Here is Kristin and Alex after the game. 

 I hope the team continues to do well.  High school football has been the highlight of my week this fall.