Happy Holidays!!

November passed as a blur, mostly spent at work.  There were a few events at home that warrented my attention, but for the most part I got the Readers Digest version from someone as I passed from the door to my bed or back the other way.  The chaotic work schedule continues, but I've managed to get time off thanks to some very helpful consultants.  Earlier this month I went to New Jersey with my sister Karen to visit our oldest sister, Mary Anne.  We had a great time, including going into New York City for a day.  Now I'm off work until next Tuesday.  My plans are to get some cleaning done around the house and knit.Yesterday the kids and I cleaned the basement.  Today's plans are to organize my sewing area.

I've worked on a couple knitting projects, but unfortunately I don't have pictures of the final products. Both projects were tag-team projects with my friend Cindy and were gifts.  The first was a stole we gave to a friend that is battling breast cancer.  The other was a shawl we gave to a consultant that has worked with us for nearly 2 years and signed off the project in December. 

Here's the next project I want to finish. It's my Go Live Minimalist Cardigan.  I'm still working on the back.  There are a lot of football games coming up so I hope to make good progress.