Happy New Year everyone!!!  Like millions of other people, I make resolutions.  In the past few years, I've targeted my resolutions around things that were on my 'driving me crazy' list.  I moved my sewing area from the dining room to the basement.  A slow decluttering has been going on for several years.  This year I want to get several rooms painted.  First will be the living room and then the dining room.  Neither of these rooms have been painted since we moved in 13 years ago.  After those are painted, I want to repaint the family room and kitchen.  Eleven years ago I painted those rooms one color since their isn't a physical separation between the rooms except where the flooring changes.  Now I plan to delineate the area by painting several walls in the kitchen color and the remaining walls in the family room color.  Coordinating the colors is key, but I think I have found shades that will work.  Here is a photo of 3 of the colors.

The yellow is for the living room which is where this photo was taken.  The orange is for the dining room, which is the room in the background.  The green is for the kitchen walls.  The family room walls will be a tannish taupe (a bit hard for me to describe).  Stay tuned for the progress.

Speaking of progress, a bit of knitting happened last night.  It was an exciting New Years Eve.  After the girls left for their parties, Ed, Blake and I went to dinner at a chinese restaurant and then came home.  We played Sequence and then watched football.  I knit for a while but then got tired.  Since I had to stay up until 1:30 to pick Trisha and a friend up from their party, I didn't want to make myself too sleepy.  After midnight, Ed went to bed while Blake and I channel surfed.    Here's how far I got on the back of the sweater.  There's more football today, so I expect to get the back done.