Moving Along

Last weekend I finished the back of the Go Live cardi and started the right front panel.  Since the panel is narrow it is flying along.  When I work on it, that is.    Here's how it looks now.  I'm getting rather excited about wearing it, motivating me to get it done.

After I'm done with this, I think I'm going to move on to a crochet project.  I like this.  Yes, it is frilly, but I have some olive lace weight left over from one of my tag team projects.  I think it will be a nice summer item. 

Conversations have started in our house about college for Kristin.  She having trouble trying to decide what to do as a career.  I've suggested several for her.  It isn't critical now that she decides, but it would help if she could get a general idea to help us with looking at colleges.  We'll start college visits in the fall.