This Week's Progress

I'm up to the armhole shaping on the right front of the Go Live Minimalist Cardi.  It is moving along at a nice pace.  Others might think my progress is slow, but at the rate I finish sweaters, this is light-speed.

My goal is to get this piece finished by tomorrow night.

All of yesterday was spent at a wrestling tournament for Blake.  I took several magazines, a book and the cardi to occupy me.  ADD seems to be a bit of an issue for me at those things.  They are too noise and the bleachers too uncomfortable to do any one thing for a stretch of time.    Blake wrestled 4 times throughout the day.  Unfortunately, he isn't doing very well.  It is a major accomplishment if he can make it all 3 rounds without getting pinned.  After the tournament, I made a pot of chili for him, Ed and me since the girls weren't home.  Later we turned on a movie to relax.  This is how Blake was 10 minutes into the movie.

As I mentioned, the girls weren't home.  The Winter Formal was last night.  Trisha went with her friends, but Kristin opted to skip it this year.  Kristin just hung out at one of her friend's house.  Here's Trisha and one of her best friends.  Two very pretty girls.