I haven't made much progress on knitting this week.  Work and evening events consumed too much of my time.  When I get the slippers finished, I'll post a picture.

This year my work is starting a new initiative to promote wellness.  I was selected as one of the advocates for this program.  Anyone who looks at me and sees how overweight I am might wonder why was I chosen.  This program isn't just about physical wellness.  It is also about mind and spirit wellness.  As an advocate I feel I should take actions to promote wellness at home as well as work.  In keeping with that I made some healthy, but very yummy, pancakes yesterday for breakfast.

These are oatmeal whole wheat blueberry pancakes.  They were so good, and so filling.  I couldn't finish that plate.  Later in the day when I was with some friends for lunch, I still wasn't very hungry and at only half of my sandwich.  The recipe is one I came across on Pinterest.  (I'm totally addicted!!)  The recipe came from here.  I didn't have buttermilk so I improvised by adding lemon juice to regular milk.  Also, I used quick oats, so I didn't feel like I needed to wait an hour before cooking up the pancakes.  They were so yummy. The rest are in the freezer for workday breakfasts.

Also yesterday, I went to a Sew-In at my work.  Years ago, a group of friends from work and I formed a group to make baby quilts for ABC Quilts.  ABC Quilts was a non-profit organization that donated crib quilts to hospitals and family agencies to give to at-risk children.  We would have monthly Sew-Ins to work on our projects.  Back then my children were little and it was a nice Mom's Day Out.  The group expanded to include people from a local quilt guild.  A few years ago ABC quilts closed shop.  Many of the original members left the company.  My kids grew and got involved in activities that made it difficult for me to go to the Sew-Ins.   As a result of all these factors, plus a transition from quilting to knitting, I quit going to the Sew-Ins. After Dad's passing I felt like I needed to do some of the things I used to do.  I went to the December Sew-In and got to see a lot of the old group who also happened to be there.  At that Sew-In a few people expressed an interest in learning to knit.  So yesterday, at the January Sew-In, I taught a beginners knitting class.  I was nervous at first and not sure I was going to be able to do it.  I think it went very well.  The two ladies picked it up quickly.  The one lady even tried, and loved, continental knitting.  The other lady was having a little trouble because she is having carpal tunnel issues in her dominant hand.  I'm anxious to see if the keep up the knitting.   Sharing my obsession was fun!