Working on #2

With Kristin's slippers finished, I started on Trisha's.  I have the sole of one finished and the second sole started.  I'm practicing knitting and purling right to left with these.  It is a bit difficult throwing with my left index finger, but I'm getting the hang of it.  My tension is very wonky so I have to stop every few stitches to even things out.  I figure since this is garter stitch, and the bottom of the slipper, a little wonkiness won't hurt.

Winter teased me again this weekend.  This is what Mother Nature was giving us when I got up in the morning.  I knew the weather report didn't call for much, but I had hopes that the predictions were wrong.  Darn it if they weren't right!  By mid-afternoon the sky was clear and brilliant blue.  It is still cold and blustery, but the sun is shining.  I'm still hoping for one big snow storm. 

Ed and I are getting into crunch-time for getting the paperwork completed requesting financial aid for Kristin.  We know we won't qualify for any assistance, but we have to file the forms anyway.  The university Kristin has decided to go to requires all scholarship recipients to file the form so that they can report demographics.  Oh well, I guess we better get started.