Turn The Page

Major milestone this week.  Kristin graduated high school.  Here she is after the ceremony with her three best friends.  Kristin left her mortar board on because she said she had hat hair.

It doesn't seem that long ago that she was like this.  Kristin is on the right sharing her thumb with her cousin Maria.  Those two have always been close.

At an early age she developed a love for being in the sun and near the beach.  Here she is modeling an outfit that her Mammaw and Pampaw brought back from Hawaii.

A visit to Mammaw and Pampaw's always had to include ice cream.

She played volleyball from 5th grade through Junior year of high school.  Here is a picture of the varsity team before a benefit match for breast cancer research.

She love Halloween.  Kristin and Trisha were able to reuse the ladybug costumes I made back in 1997.

We tried to fit in a family vacation every year, like this one to Disney.

And an annual trip to Norris Lake with cousins.

Again with Maria.  Both girls were turning 16 about a month after this photo was taken.

I'm very proud of my daughter and love her very much.  I made it through the ceremony without crying, but I can guarentee my eyes won't stay dry when she leaves home in a couple months.

PS.  She has started knitting!!! She's a smart girl!