Let's See How Far I Get

Kristin's blanket is now 48 inches by 48 inches unblocked.  I am finishing up the fourth repeat of the colors.  I am currently working an 8 row section of dark green.  I am absolutely sure I will not have enough yarn to finish all six repeats. 

Last weekend I asked Kristin about finishing the blanket.  Knowing I was going to run out of yarn, I offered her several  options. 

Option 1 (aka OCD Option):  Stop when I no longer can follow the sequence. This will occur sometime during the fifth repeat of color.  There will be yarn left over with this option which will be put back into my stash.
Option 2 (Frugal But No Mind To Order Option):  Once I reach the point where the sequence cannot be followed, continue in color order but knit each yarn until used up.  This will result in a random looking border, but no leftovers.

Option 3 (Middle Ground Option):  Once the sequence cannot be followed, knit each color one row at a time in order until colors are eliminated and not enough of a color remains to complete a round.  This option will still have leftovers, but possibly not enough to worry about. It also mean that I may tink a lot, which doesn't sound thrilling.

Kristin chose Option 4:  None of the above...buy more yarn.  She wants a blanket big enough to wrap around herself.  Fortunately she is only 5' 1" but that means I still have a ways to go.  After a heavy sigh, I explained that this may not be a viable option.  All of the yarn is Cascade 220 and it all was purchased at my LYS.  However, some were purchased over a year ago and may not be available any longer.  I have some labels, but possibly not all.  And since Cascade 220 doesn't put nice names on their labels, but only numbers, I will have to sort through the selection at the LYS to figure out a match.

I don't know what I'll end up doing.  I really don't want to buy more yarn.  I certainly will not buy 11 more skeins.  We'll see how big it is when I get to the point where I'm forced to make a decision.  I will end up buying at least one skein.  I want to do an I-cord edge in the orange.  I'll need a full skein for that.