Perfect Weather...

...for staying home and knitting all day long.  Not so perfect when you have a job to go to every day.

Weatherwise, Saturday was an interesting day.  I was over in Dayton for a funeral in the morning.  It was rainy and miserable as I drove over.  While inside for the funeral mass and luncheon, the skies cleared off.  From Dayton I drove over to Oxford to spend the afternoon with Kristin.  We walked around campus, painted plates at a pottery shop, and then ate lunch.  The skies were clear with a little breeze, but I felt comfortable outside.  While driving home (heading east) I noticed a not-quite-full moon.  I thought how nice it would be to have that as my guide home.  Shortly after that thought, the moon disappeared behind the clouds.  It occurred to me that it was strange because there hadn't been any clouds passing over me.  Our weather always comes from the west, right? What I didn't realize then was that the clouds were coming from the east.  Sunday morning was rainy, windy and miserable.  The weather we had had early Saturday morning tried to move eastward, but got pushed back over us because of Sandy.  That front has merged with the leading edge of Frankenstorm and seems to have stalled out over top of us.  According to the the forecast, we are not going to see the Sun until Friday.

I would love to stay home and make serious progress on Kristin's blanket.  My motivation is waning on that project and I need something to force me to get it done. 

My thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone affected by this massive storm.  I know several who are right in the thick of it.  My oldest sister lives in New Jersey.  It was her mother-in-law's funeral on Saturday.  She and her family drove home Sunday.  I haven't heard how their trip home went, but hopefully they made it home without too much trouble.  I'm sure they are hunkered down for the week.  My sister and her husband are teachers and the schools have been cancelled.   Another sister lives in Virginia.  It looks like she is not going to get the full force of the storm, but I'm sure it is still going to be bad.  Hopefully she and her husband will be able to stay put for the week also.  A friend of mine lives outside Raleigh, NC.  I'm sure the storm is the last of her worries though.  Her mother is gravely ill in the hospital at this time.  Someone who works with me is stuck in New York City.  He went out there for a long weekend, which has turned into a much longer weekend trip.  His flight home is cancelled and he was told the earliest that the airports would open is Thursday.  Further up the coast in the Boston area are a couple more friends.  Nor'easters are common for them, but this one is going to be a bit more for them. 

Here's praying everyone stays safe while Sandy passes over.