Roses and Trees

Any photo of Kristin's blanket would look very similar to the last one, so I'm not posting an update for a while.  Since my last post, I didn't work on it very much.  There was a family crisis which consumed most of last week.  What little knitting I did was in the car Sunday while taking Kristin back to her university.

Before tragedy struck, Ed and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary.  Since our anniversary was on a Sunday, and we both needed to be at work Monday morning, we decided to go out for Sunday lunch instead of dinner.  We had a very nice meal and then walked around a nearby shopping district.  It was a beautiful afternoon with nice autumn temperatures.  Here is a close-up of some of the roses he gave me.

I took along my camera when we returned Kristin to her school on Sunday.  In front of her dorm is a very old tree.  The tree is very interesting.  I'm sure it has many, many stories to tell if it could.  This picture really doesn't do it justice.  I'm not a very good photographer.  I'll have to take my camera back another time and get more shots of it.

One last thing.  A couple friends from work were in San Francisco last week for a conference.  They brought me back the most yummy yarn from Art Fibers.  It is a silk/wool blend called Casanova.  It's name is very appropriate because I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.  I need to find a suitable pattern for it.  Gotta get that darn blanket finished before I start a new project!!