Frosty Morning

This isn't the first frosty morning of the season.  We have had a number of days where car windows had to be scraped in the morning.  But this is a big swing from a week ago.  Last Saturday was warm and sunny.  As I mentioned last week, I cleaned my windows.  This picture is proof.  I took this from inside my kitchen while my tea was brewing.  The windows must have been terrible because even my kids have commented.  These are the kids that don't seem to notice a pile of dirty clothes on their own bedroom floor.

Since Thanksgiving is 5 days away, I should be grocery shopping.  I am cooking this year, but I also have to work a lot this week.  At work we are converting our financial systems from one database platform to another.  This weekend is a dress rehearsal.  I have to work 7pm Sunday to 1am Monday.  Then after doing my regular shift on Monday I get to stay until midnight.  I'll then go home for a few hours of sleep and then be back in the office on Tuesday at 6am.  I will need to stay Tuesday during normal business hours.  Once I leave on Tuesday I won't have to be back at work until the Monday after Thanksgiving.  The wonderful project manager for this effort scheduled another dress rehearsal about a week before Christmas.  I just love his timing!!!

So, to survive this week and still be able to cook Thanksgiving dinner, I am assigning jobs to my family.  Kristin came home from college and will be staying until after Thanksgiving.  She's going to be given a grocery list and sent off to the store.  She said she'll help me with the cooking.  Honestly my menu is going to be simple.  The most complicated items are the homemade pumpkin pie and the stuffing.  I would like to make homemade cranberry sauce, but we'll see.  I'm the only one that eats it.  I just love the tartness with my turkey and stuffing.

Kristin's blanket is about big enough to cover her from chin to toe.  She was laying on the sofa last evening while we were watching a movie.  I tossed it on her.  With a little stretch it covered her.  I will continue to knit rows on it until Thanksgiving Day.  At that point I am going to start the I-cord edge, weave in the ends, steam block it and declare victory.  I'm going to suggest to Kristin that if she wants to help make it bigger, she is welcome to pick it up and knit on it.  At this point the row pattern has been broken.  I only had enough yarn to do one round when I should have done 5.  I have enough of the current color to do 8 rounds.  When I pick up each subsequent color, I'll decide how many rounds to do.

I haven't heard a peep about my spinning wheel yet.  Getting worried that my Thanksgiving weekend plans for spinning won't come true, I ordered a pile of yarn to have Christmas gifts to knit over the long weekend.  When I checked yesterday, that yarn hasn't been shipped yet either.  I'm getting totally bummed.  I do have a number of UFOs to work on.  I guess those will be my third string players if the first two fall through.