Stick A Fork In It, It's Done!

Kristin's blanket is finished.  As expected, I had to be creative with the 5th repeat of the colors.  I kept the color sequence, but not the row pattern.  Kristin said she wanted it bordered in the blue, so I decided to use that as the end.  It took a lot of knitting during football and movies this weekend to get it done, but I made it.  After a steam blocking, it measures about 52 inches square.

I did an applied I-cord as the bind off.  It had been a while since I had done this, so I looked up instructions on the internet for a refresher.  There seems to be two means of attaching the last stitch of the I-cord with the first stitch from the body of the work.  The first said to do a ssk.  The second method said to knit 2-together through the back loops.  I started using the ssk but noticed that a bit of the lighter yarn from the body of the blanket would peak through.  I then tried the k2tbl.  That hid the lighter color nicely  so I continued with that for the remainder of the bind-off.

Here it is in use by its new owner.  I'd say it works.  When she wakes up I'll have to remind her not to wash it in the washer.  It isn't superwash wool.

Next in the knitting queue...Christmas gifts.