Moving On

My daughter moves out of her dorm today for winter break.  Actually, she is totally moving out because she decided to transfer to another university.  She'll be a little bit closer to home, but I'm sure that isn't her reason for switching.  She didn't fit in at her current university.  She made friends but she didn't like the social life that most of them engaged in on weekends.  She decided to transfer to her #2 university.  Fortunately, that school said they would honor the scholarship they offered her.  That was a huge relief for Ed and me.

On the spinning front, I spun a bobbin of wool and now I am trying to ply.  I only know how to chain ply.  It is not pretty.  I can't seem to get the wheel spinning easily for the plying.  I'll just keep practicing.  A lesson or two is definitely in my future.  Someone on Ravelry mentioned that she saved her first attempt at spinning and plying to use as a comparison of how far she's progressed.  I will definitely do that.

I'll post picture over the weekend.  It's time now to head on down the road to get my girl.