Meet Lina

Yippee!!!  My spinning wheel was delivered on Monday.   It is a Lendrum Single Treadle.  I bought the complete kit from The Woolery.  I've named the wheel Lina.  It is a bit of a pun, since the wheel tilts a bit.  Also, Lina was the Egyptian goddess for weaving.  Yeah, I know this is a spinning wheel and not a loom, but before a weaver could weave, the spinner had to spin.

Monday evening was busy, so I didn't get around to assembling it  until later in the evening.  The instructions that came with it only explained how to put the pieces together.  I had been hoping for a little more, such as how to attach the leader.  Fortunately, my sister was able to talk me through it and I was able to get started.

I had a bag of wool from the drop spindle class I took back in February.  I figured it was a good thing to start with.  I think I'm doing a pretty good job.  I haven't quite filled the bobbin.  I'm getting anxious to try plying. 

Learning how to draft for the drop spindle has helped.  The biggest issue I am having is keeping the wheel turning in the right direction.  I can't seem to get it to do one full revolution easily.  I'm sure it is just that I haven't trained my leg and foot to pedal with the right amount of force.  After the New Year, I want to call my LYS and take a spinning class so I can learn the intricacies of this new toy.

I have a few Christmas presents on the needles.  Trisha as spied one of them and has dropped a less than subtle hint that she wouldn't mind if Santa left it in her stocking.  She actually saved me the trouble of asking.  Now I only need to figure out which one to give to Kristin.