Winter Returns

As I suspected the schedule last weekend for my work didn't hold true.  Unlike the dress rehearsals, the actual migration ran ahead of schedule.  I was called in Saturday evening to do the tasks that I was scheduled to do on Sunday.  I was in the office from 7 pm Saturday to 2 am Sunday.  When I got home,  I was still keyed up from caffeine.  I poured a big glass of wine and jumped in the hot tub.  It was nice sitting in there in the middle of the night.  It was as dark as it can be since all of the house lights were off.  I relaxed and listened to the silence.  I got to see a shooting star, which I consider a blessing.  After my glass was empty, I jumped out and went into the house.  Still not sleepy, I read a book for a while.  It was close to 4 am before I fell asleep.  My Monday shift was also moved up and I was back in the office by 2:30 Sunday afternoon.  This shift wasn't quite so bad and I was home by 8 pm.  The system at work is now live and there are only a few problems to deal with.  We are in what is referred to as the stabilization phase.  I won't declare success until we get through an entire month-worth of processing without issue.  Ask me in March how it all went.

Here is my weekly backdoor shot.  We were hit with a snow storm yesterday.  About 3 1/2 inches of snow fell at our house.  It was treacherous driving while it came down.  At one point it was falling at a rate of an inch per hour.  I had to go into work for a meeting and then I took the rest of the day off.  Driving home, I saw at least 5 accidents.  I was so thankful to pull into the garage unscathed.

I love the pattern the snow made on the blocks in the front flowerbed.  Being an engineer, and a tiny bit OCD, regular patterns appeal to me.

Here are the front bushes.

I got a little more spinning in this week.  I have one bobbin filled and am trying to get this one done.  I'll try to ply again.  Hopefully it will be easier than my first attempt.  My sister who spins is planning on visiting our mom tomorrow.  My sister lives in Virginia and Mom lives is southwest Ohio.  I was hoping to get down to Mom's and ask Patty's advise about what I'm doing wrong with plying.  But I don't think I'll make the trip tomorrow because of the weather.  Freezing rain is suppose to move into the area tomorrow evening.  That's not the kind of weather to be venturing out on a 2 hour drive.

The pug has a head and has been stuffed.  I need to knit the ears and finish the sweater.  I decided to applique the eyes instead of buying safety eyes.  I think it gives the little guy the right, bug-eyed look that real pugs have.

While browsing on Ravelry yesterday, I noticed a pattern called A Grey Loop.  It hit me as the perfect pattern for some silk/mohair yarn that a friend brought back from San Francisco for me.  Last October my friend went to a conference in SF.  She mentioned that she was going to find Artfibers and visit the shop.  I gave her some money and a list of yarns that looked lovely online.  She brought me a cone of about 400 yards of Casanova in a beautiful blue (color #14).  It is soft and shimmery.  My only complaint is that it is a bit splitty.  I think this will be a quick knit.  I hope to have a lovely scarf to model soon, as long as my scarf-obsessed daughter doesn't steal it.