Spring Has Sprung

One spool is filled.  Rough guess is that this is 5-6 ounces.  I am working on another spool and then I'll ply them together.  I haven't done much spinning lately because of other things going on in my life.

This knitting project is getting into crunch mode.  This picture is from a week ago, so it doesn't represent my true progress.  I have about one more complete repeat of the pattern more done than what is shown here.  The recipients' wedding is in less than a month.  Any spare time I have has to be dedicated to this project if I'm going to make it.

Spring has finally arrived.  The crab apple trees at the curb were beautiful this year.  Spring was about a month later arriving than last year.  Again, this picture is from last weekend.  All of the blossoms have fallen away.  It was beautiful while it lasted.

The lilac bush at the back corner of my house still has its blooms.  The fragrance has dissipated but the flowers still look nice.  Last weekend when they first opened up, I opened the windows by the bush and the house filled with their fragrance.

Time to jump off now.  Tonight is prom night for daughter #2.  She just came home from getting her hair done.  I have to get the house vacuumed before her date arrives in 3 hours.  Exciting times!