In A Pickle

I'm taking a few days off work.  The kids go back to school in a couple weeks.  We took the last of our summer trips and started the 'back to school' shopping.  The summer is winding down.

We spent last weekend at Lake Norris with my sister and her family.  It is an annual trip for us.  The kids love the uninterrupted days spent with their cousins.  I like getting some time to relax and talk with my sister.  The trip involves a lot of sunshine and boating.  Unfortunately, I forgot to pack my camera. No pictures of this year's adventure.

As soon as we got home, the topic of 'back to school' came up.  Ed took the kids to the store to buy school supplies while I unpacked from our long weekend.  I spent a good portion of Monday afternoon at the mall buying clothes.  My son is now becoming mindful of his fashion.  I'm wondering if there is a girl at school he is hoping to catch the attention of when he goes back to class.

I'm spending a few days here at home enjoying the summer.  It has been nice getting to sleep in and putter around the house with no specific plans.  Yesterday I went to a farmer's market and bought a few pickling cucumbers.  They are now Refrigerator Pickles.  I used the recipe from here.  I can't wait to taste them.

It won't be long now until the flurry of school activities.  Trisha is a senior, which means the next few months will be busy with filling out college applications and scholarship forms.  Blake is learning to drive.  Once he turns 16 in a few months, he'll be looking for a job.  The activity never stops.

Now, I'm going to refill my cup of tea and enjoy the last quiet moments of summer.