Meet Rhonda

Very soon, there will be five drivers in the house.  Blake has his learner's permit and will get his license in November.  After that he gets a job.  We were faced with five drivers and five or more jobs and only three vehicles. The girls each had two jobs over the summer so there is potential for multiple this winter.  Ed's coworker offered us his car at a very reasonable price.  After getting it checked out by a mechanic, we bought it.

This is Rhonda.

She gives the kids an incognito option for getting around town.  The first car we bought for them is a PT Cruiser.  Great little car that seats five people.  I thought the kids would love it because it was unique.  Well, it was not cool-unique.  Kristin complained that the PT was too conspicuous during Senior Tag. We will still have one car less than the number of drivers, but we like it that way.  The insurance is cheaper when the drivers outnumber the vehicles.

Thursday one of my friends from the gym gave me a sack of homegrown tomatoes.  I haven't planted any in a few years.  I had forgotten how absolutely delicious they are.  This was the first course at dinner last night:  Caprese salad.  The basil is my own.  This is my favorite way to eat tomatoes.  Unfortunately I had to share this plate with Ed.

This week's knitting was dedicated to Kristin's blanket.  I've made a bit of progress.

Almost 50 inches.  I have a little less than one and a half skeins left.  I definitely will get it done by next weekend when I plan to give it to her.

I did a little spinning this week also.  I bought a new chair.  This is my spinning corner in the sun room.  I figure I have a couple more months of using this spot.  Once the weather turns cold, I'll have to move Lena to another room.  The sun room is not heated.

Beginning in late September, I am taking a drawing class.  I have always loved to draw but never had any lessons.  My high school had a phenomenal art teacher, but since I was 'college prep' I didn't have time in my schedule for one of her classes.  I really regret that.  Years ago I bought the book Drawing with the Right Side of Your Brain.  I've started the book several times but never finished it. Last week, after I decided to sign up for the class, I stopped at a book store and bought myself a little sketchbook.  I found the book in the basement and started it again.  This is one of the first exercises.  The exercise is meant to baseline a person's ability.  This is Blake playing his PlayStation.  If I may say so myself, I think this is pretty good.  I'm going to try to work through the book before the class begins.