Since my last post, I finished the My Blue Loop and Taize shawl.  The Blue Loop took a soak and was blocked.  I haven't measured it but it can be looped two times and have a bit of drape. I am very happy with how it turned out.

I wore the Blue Loop to the high school football game Friday night.  The school colors are royal blue and white.  This isn't quite royal blue, but it was close enough.

I haven't blocked the Taize shawl yet, but that didn't stop me from using it.  The mornings have been a bit chilly.  I wore it to work the day after I finished it.  A friend who saw me walking into the building commented that it was too cold for something that light.  I just smiled.  It is alpaca and it was perfect for that morning.  I will take it to work more because the offices tend to be quite chilly.

Speaking of work, my company has been affected by the government shutdown.  A mandate was issued stating that we must take at least 8 hours of vacation before October 17.  I've had no problem complying because of a recent flurry of doctor's appointments for the kids.  Trisha also has a college visit scheduled for October 17.

I also dealt with the Thelonious socks.  I didn't finish them.  I frogged them.  Somewhere on the leg of the sock I unintentionally decreased too much.  I then set it aside for a couple months.  When I picked it up the other day, I couldn't figure out where I was.  Since I am not a prolific sock knitter, I decided to frog these and make a basic pair of socks with a 2x2 rib.  I'll let the yarn be the highlight, instead of the pattern.

Now that I finished these two items I should be guilt free to begin the ButtonBox vest.  However, I've gotten myself in a finishing mode and can't quite get motivated to start a new project.