The Speed of Time

There are several different theories about the speed of time.  One says time flies when you are having fun. Another theory seems to say the opposite.  It says that if you keep busy all day, when you look back at the elapsed time it will seem like time had progressed slower than normal in order to fit in all of the activities. (A boring afternoon at work doesn't prove the opposite!)  Another theory, known as the toilet paper roll theory, says that the longer you live, the faster time goes by.  I'm not sure which theory is true.  It seems to me that they all are depending upon the perspective.

Proof of Theory #1:  The anniversary of my dad's death was Wednesday. I can't believe it has been that long already. 

Maybe it doesn't feel like that long because I still feel his presence.  Things he made for me are all around.  He loved woodworking.  There is a large wooden bowl in my kitchen.  This whale was a wedding present.  He carved it from a block of cedar.  I'm not sure what kind of wood the base is.

He didn't sign it his usual 'RJK'.  This had signed 'Dad'.

After his death, one of my sisters and I were rooting around his workshop.  In a scrap bin, I found another whale of a different species. It was not finished, but looked almost done.  For a reason only known to him, it didn't pass inspection and he tossed it aside.  I claimed it.  That whale now sits on my desk at work next to the last picture taken of my family - all 8 children and Mom and Dad.  I look at it every day and hold the whale when I need strength at work.  He is with me in those moments.

The two years since his death have been crammed with memories, most of which have been fun:  Kristin finishing high school and going off  to college. Trisha learning to drive and now preparing for college herself.  Blake entering high school and growing out of his boy body into a man.  Vacations to Florida, Myrtle Beach, Tennessee and New York City. Learning to spin. Going to various knitting 'camps' and fiber festivals.

Proof of Theory #2:  Looking back at this past week, I have done a lot of knitting.  Nothing has gotten finished yet, but things are moving along.

The first of Ed's hunting socks is almost complete.  I'm spinning more wool on the drop spindle for the second sock.  It is a good take-along project.

The second block of Trisha's college blanket is coming along nicely.  Gotta love garter stitch for mindless knitting. 

Temperatures plummeted this week and Trisha's hands are turning purple again.  This will be finger-less mitts for her out of Malabrigo Worsted.  The fabric is so soft and dense.  And the color is divine!

I also worked on my Basic Socks during my lunch hour at work.  No picture to report.  A tube of 2x2 ribbing isn't that exciting.

In addition to the knitting, my friend has issued a challenge.  She and I both have FitBits.  We are competing to see who can achieve the most motion.  Our daily goals are 10,000 steps, 5 miles and 10 flights of stairs.  To reach 5 miles, I have to get over 11,000 steps because my stride is so short.  This daily goal along with my twice-a-week trainer sessions should get me into better shape.

In all, a lot of progress this week between the knitting and exercising.  It felt like a long week with a lot accomplished.

Proof of Theory #3:  My kids are almost grown. The Homecoming Dance was last weekend.  Trisha and Blake went.  This was Trisha's last high school Homecoming.  College applications have been submitted and she is waiting for the acceptance letters to arrive.  Blake will be taking his driving exam in a few weeks.  After that he'll hunt for his first job.

I can't believe how quickly they have grown.  In a blink of an eye Ed and I will be empty-nesters. I'm not near the end of the toilet paper roll but the rotations are going faster.