The Buttonbox vest is evolving nicely.  The waist shaping is almost complete.  I am still using the first ball of yarn, but as you can see in the picture below, it is nearing the end.  The second ball is about the same amount of yarn.  It should get me close to the end.  I'm estimating that it won't be enough to finish though.  I spun a bobbin.  It is resting for a few days to let the twist set.  I'll wind it off into a center-pull ball and then ply it into more two-ply yarn.  It should be enough to finish this project.  I have enough top left to spin more if necessary.  I may try spinning it thinner and making a pair of gloves out of it.  That will be a project for another time.

Here is a picture of the evolution of this project.  This was inspired by the ape to man Evolution drawing.

My Buttonbox knitting was interrupted by a project request from Blake.  Last weekend he showed me a picture of a crocheted Gladiator helmet and asked if I could make him one.  A hunt around Ravelry gave me some ideas and I was able to improvise a pattern.  The project was completed last night.  If  I say so myself, it turned out quite nicely.  I need to write down the pattern before I forget.  I have a feeling a couple of Blake's cousins are going to request their own hats.

Here are pictures showing the movable face mask.

Ed has asked for a hat like this minus the crest.  He also wants it in browns and greens so that he can wear it hunting.  He also asked that the neck shield extend a bit longer in the back.  For his I think I will also keep the face mask wider on the sides instead of tapering it so much.  He'll need it to cover his cheeks and chin more.