One for the Record Books

Winter storm Cleon hit Ohio Thursday and Friday.  It started as freezing rain Thursday night.  All night long I could hear the ice pellets hitting the window.  School was cancelled, but unfortunately not my work.  The commute to work wasn't too bad.  The roads were wet but not terribly icy.  About noon the snow started.  When I left work the roads were beginning to get a bit treacherous.  Ed and I ventured out about 8:30 pm to bring Trisha home from work.  He drove me over to her work so that I could drive her car home.  She rode with him and they followed me. I'm glad we decided to do that.  Her car slid all over the place and could barely get up a small hill.  I had to put the car in low gear and inch it up the hill. She wouldn't have known what to do and would have ended up sliding off the road.  I'm sure the drivers behind Ed weren't pleased with the slow pace, but since all I could see in the rear view mirror was his truck, I didn't worry about the other traffic.

This morning we woke up to a record setting snowfall.  We have about 4 inches on the ground.  That doesn't sound impressive, but it is a record for this date.  The meteorologist said that it is unusual to get this much accumulation this early in the season.  It only happens about once every 10 years.

The view out my side window was lovely at sunrise.  (The checkerboard pattern is because we still have our screens up.)

I love the way the snow clings to the branches of the trees.  Many people are complaining already about the snow, but this is what I needed to get me in the Christmas spirit.  I'll pull out the decorations and get things going inside.  I'm just disappointed that we didn't get our outside lights up before this snow hit. By the looks of the temperatures forecaster for this week, it is sticking around for a while.

Buttonbox is moving along.  The waist shaping is done and I'll soon be at the armholes.  This is how far I got with the first ball of yarn.  I attached the second ball as the end of the previous row.  I still need to ply the yarn I spun a few weeks ago.  That may be on my agenda tonight as we watch Ohio State in the Big 10 Championship game tonight.

One last note, Blake wore his Gladiator hat to a football game last weekend.  His high school was playing his cousins' high school in the semi-final round of the state championship.  His cousins loved the hat and asked for their own.  Agreeing to make them hats has earned me the title of 'Best Aunt Ever!'.