A Time For A Soak

The second to last block is underway.  This project will be finished within a week.  As I mentioned previously, a long car ride is in my future.  I should be able to get this wrapped up during that trip.  Trisha is very excited to have it in her possession.

I will be very excited to have it finished.  Thank goodness Blake has two years until he heads off to college.

My spinning goal for September has been met.  I plied the singles and put it in the sink for a soak.

After about 30 minutes, I gently squeezed out the water, gave it a good snap to set the twist and hung it to dry.  I let it drip dry over my washer.

My rough guess is that I have 800 yards of 2-ply lace weight.  I'll weigh it after it dries.

The colors are subtle.  There are greens, blues, purples, roses mixed in with brown.  I will have to carefully consider a pattern for this.  After it is finished, I'll see what it says to me.  Sometimes the yarn talks.  I'll let it have its opinion voiced.